Thursday, June 5, 2014

Post Kublacon Thoughts

Kublacon is my favorite gaming convention in the San Francisco bay area, and this year was no exception. The show, by all accounts, broke attendance records and there was a lot of activity at our booth all weekend.

Here is a brief recap and overview of the games we have and are working on.

Murder of Crows
We had the reprint of MoC available at the booth and we sold out of every copy we brought. We're very happy to see the continued interest and growth in this fun little game. As hard as we try to make a game perfect, there are always things you can improve. The reprint had a few very minor changes:
  • Back cover aligned with front cover (cosmetic)
  • Rule change: player one does not draw on her first turn. (This balances first player advantage)
  • Crow distribution: we adjusted the crow distribution a bit to make 3 crows more precious and 1 crow a bit more common.
I'm very happy to see the continued interest in Dungeoneer. It was published in 2003 and is still going strong. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to tell me how much they like Dungeoneer and who purchased the reprints of Haunted Woods and Den of the Wererats, which I know are hard to get in local game stores. I haven't forgotten this game! Even though I've put the Dungeoneer RPG on the backburner (sorry, there were just some really hard design problems I haven't solved yet), it doesn't mean there will be no more Dungeoneer products. I can't give too many details now, but I do recognize Dungeoneer deserves something better than a flimsy tuckbox.

Warriors of the Red Planet RPG
The biggest news for StudioDenmark was the long awaited release of the Warriors of the Red Planet RPG. This retro RPG inspired by the original DnD and the whole "Sword & Planet" genre of planetary romance literature, the most noticeable being Princess of Mars and the first 5 books in the Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is a fun read and a compelling game, handsomely illustrated by yours truly. This was only a beta version, and the feedback we've received has already been very encouraging. The goal is to get this game into wider distribution once we've really polished it.
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